Adidas Gauntlet Circuit

The 2019 Elite Teams did well against their American competition, and showed them that Canadians can ball too. Thank you: Irvine, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Dallas, TX for giving our NexGen Teams some great competition.

Thank You: Golden Arrow, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Swoop, Sun Country, and Enterprise for getting our players, coaches, parents, and volunteers to and from our destinations safely.

Thank God for always watching over us.

Spring/Summer Travel
NexGen is one of the TOP basketball clubs in Alberta. Our club teams travel all over the US and Canada, to compete in some of the top basketball tournaments in the world!
Group Training

A Basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, 

sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. We provide progressive drills, skill-based games, and modified scrimmages. Which will be used to improve our players in a fun and very competitive atmosphere. Games and drills will be focused on player development.

  • Personalized workouts that help YOU develop specific strengths or areas of their game. 

  • Dedicated help with specific skills 

  • Development of an awareness helping you figuer out what position they are best suited for. 

  • Focused work on less-exalted and underappreciated parts of the game such as defensive play.


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