NexGen Basketball Inc is a club for players who want to be challenged and compete at the next level, while at the same time get the added benefit of learning life skills and how to work as a united front within a group atmosphere. NexGen is made up elite level coaches, staff, and volunteers, who are elite in their experience that they have to contribute to the organization.


At NexGen Basketball, we are here to provide a positive, safe, fun, and supportive environment for our youth to learn and develop the fundamental skills of

basketball at a competitive level.


Our goal is to ensure that through the development of the physical and mental skills of basketball, they will also be able to use these same skills outside of basketball. That will help them to be a strong contributing member in our basketball community as well as in other areas of their lives, through the confidence and feeling of self-worth that they will gain from our basketball club.


With the help of our volunteer coaches, and parents we will be able to compete with teams across North America.


We hope that members of our club will learn the importance to respect others as well as themselves as individuals, and understand that they must work as a united front to have an effective and properly functioning team.