Head Coach: Jayman



2 times per week, March to August. 

Includes an open gym training session. NexGen understands this could be a Big Commitment, but recognizes to be an Elite Team and compete at that level in games and tournaments this is the expectation. Here at NexGen Basketball we believe in youth development and know that if you want to be good at anything, it takes hard work, dedication, and discipline.

Skills breakdown | Weekly player analysis | Basketball IQ sessions

Weekly track conditioning | Video sessions 


Spring/Summer Program

U16 teams will play in the U17 spring league. 

Season will include practices, training sessions, education in basketball and life skills, and tournaments.



* Tournaments subject to change.


Team fees will include: practice times, practice facilities, tournament fees, coaches honorarium, training, skill development, equipment, AAU registration, and transportation to and from the US, hotel costs in the US and Canada, team gear.